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Provider Network Development


        Clinical Mental Health Contracted Providers

  • Avail Solutions, Crisis Hotline and Screening
  • Cypress Creek Hospital, Psychiatric Inpatient Services
  • Kingwood Pines Hospital, Psychiatric Inpatient Services
  • Aspire Behavioral Health Hospital, Psychiatric Inpatient Services
  • Mahjeswar Prabhu, Psychiatric Inpatient Svcs.
  • Bharath Raj, Psychiatric Inpatient Svcs.
  • Shama Rasheed, Psychiatric Inpatient Svcs.
  • Hilary Akpudo, Psychiatric Inpatient Svcs.
  • Frank Chen, Psychiatric Inpatient Svcs.
  • Marshall Lucas, Psychiatric Inpatient Svcs.
  • Jerri Sethna, Psychiatric Inpatient Svcs.
  • Fernando Torres, Psychiatric Inpatient Svcs.
  • J&D Personal Care Home, Assisted Living Facility
  • Melody Ann Archer, Dietician Services
  • Nightingale Interpreting Services
  • Richard McMillan, Pharmacy Consultation
  • Urgent Clinics Medical Center, H&P and X-Ray Services
  • Greater Texas Critical Care EMS, Transportation Services
  • Lisa Maddux - Shirley White Child Development Center - Respite out of Home: Licensed Child Care Center
  • Kathryn Kuharsky Moore, Animal Assisted Therapy
  • RecessAbility, Inc, Animal-Assisted Therapy, Animal Therapy, Music Therapy and Recreational Therapy
  • Dr. Lendell Braud, Community Living Supports
  • Sherri Clement, Animal-Assisted Therapy and Art Therapy
  • Lindsey Graham, In-Home Respite 


Tri-County Behavioral Healthcare is now accepting Provider inquiries through 2/28/2018.  Interested Providers may submit a Provider inquiry form through the Texas Health and Human Services link listed below or may submit questions to

Tri-County Behavioral Healthcare, a community center under the provisions of Chapter 534 of the Texas Health & Safety Code Ann., in its capacity as a designated mental health authority, was established in order to plan, coordinate, develop policy, develop and allocate resources, supervise, and ensure the provision of community based mental health services for the residents of Liberty, Montgomery and Walker Counties in Southeast Texas. In compliance with Texas Health and Safety Code §533.035, Provider Network Development, Tri-County is seeking interested providers to provide services in compliance with Texas Department of Health and Human Services contract guidelines.

*Detailed information about the levels of care  listed can be found at the following Texas Department of Health and Human Services website link:


Interested providers are encouraged to complete a Provider Inquiry form which is located at the following at the Texas Department of Health and Human Services website link:

All providers who complete a provider inquiry form on the Texas Department of Health and Human Services website will be offered an opportunity to meet with mental health authority staff to discuss their interest.

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