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IDD Services

Tri-County's Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities program provides case management services for persons with certain intellectual disorders and/or a related conditions to gain access to needed supports and services. A Service Coordinator works in support of the person to identify their unique needs and to lessen the impact of the disability on the person's life.  


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Services Offered »

  • Intake and Admission Services
  • Service Coordination
  • Continuity of Care Services
  • Respite Services
  • Life Skills Programs
  • Supported Employment Services
  • Home and Community-Based Services (HCS)
  • Texas Home Living Services
  • IDD Residential Options
  • Autism Services (TAP)


Admission Eligibility »

Tri-County Services serves adults and children in compliance with Department of Aging and Disability Services criteria:

  • The person’s general intellectual functioning is significantly below average as determined by standardized evaluation testing.
  • The person’s behavior does not meet the level of personal independence and social responsibility expected of the person’s age and culture.
  • The condition must be determined to be a permanent condition that originated between birth and age 18.
  • Persons with IDD, Autism, and Pervasive Developmental Disorder are considered eligible for services.


Service Locations »

Major Outpatient Clinics and Day Treatment sites are located in Conroe, Huntsville, Cleveland, and Liberty. Life Skills Day Treatment programs are located in each of these locations, and there are 8 Group Homes for adults with mental retardation in these geographic areas as well. There is one IDD Respite Home in Huntsville. The primary location for intakes, case management, continuity of care services, and general information is in Conroe and can be reached by calling 936-521-6200.




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